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The Sun In Astrology

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The Sun in Astrology speaks to illumination, vitality, life force, what pulls you forward and calls you to action. The Sun represents kings, honours, fathers, leaders and religious figures. The Sun is associated with the day sect and will be more important in your natal chart than the Moon if you were born during the day. The Sun rules the sign of Leo and is associated with the day of Sunday.
The Sun has its joy in the 9th house as this house brings illumination through wisdom and knowledge. The Sun is the Leader of the day sect and is more important to consider than the moon if you were born during the day, except if your Cancer rising
The Sun has heating and dry qualities and represents the Heart, sight, the brain and immune system in medical Astrology.
A person who has a well-positioned Sun in their Natal Chart is warm, generous, confident, full of vitality, a strong composition and life force. If your Sun is struggling a bit, you can have issues with energy levels, lack self-esteem and confidence while feeling hindered to take action and make progress.
Some other keywords for the Sun are confidence, giver of life, and power.