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Jupiter entering Taurus

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Jupiter in Taurus 2023 - 2024

Jupiter the largest planet in the solar and is also responsible for luck and weight gain will head into the steady and methodical sign of the Bull (Taurus) on the 16th/17th of May 2023 depending on which part of the world you are in. Jupiter will leave Taurus and enter the sign of Gemini on the 25/26 of May 2024. Jupiter generally spends about 12 months in a sign.

First, a bit about Jupiter

Jupiter is known as the greater benefic in older forms of Astrology and when the planet is well supported in a natal chart can bestow a person with prosperity, Joviality, and wisdom. Some other keywords that are associated with Jupiter include generosity, knowledge, wealth, travel, kindness, gurus, and teachers.

Now, a bit about Taurus

I always think of a beautifully decorated pole covered in fine wine and food that really appeals to your senses and pulls you towards it and then you realise its cemented in concrete and you can’t move it.

Taurus being a fixed sign likes consistency and wont change easily, Taurus is also an earth sign so its practical, grounded, interested in the material world. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is a feminine sign, so Taurus has elements of wanting connection, peace, appreciating the smaller pleasures that has a slower pace and more receptive in nature.

What it means when for Jupiter transiting Taurus

Jupiter transiting Taurus will mean that the growth, prosperity, and luck that it is bringing to this sign will come in a more slow, measured, and practical way that will see long lasting results. What Jupiter brings to the table won’t come in a hurry and fizzle out quickly it will be stable and grounded.

Who will feel Jupiter’s transit in Taurus the most?

If you have any sensitive points or planets in the fixed signs which are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and especially in Taurus.

 Tips for Jupiter transiting Taurus

-Enjoy some fine wine and food without overindulging

-Do some long-term financial planning to increase your wealth

-Spend time in nature appreciating its beauty

-Be more grounded into your approach to your belief systems

-Take a gardening course