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Astrology Services Available

Natal Reading

A natal chart is your own personal stamp for your life. The information held in that stamp can give you a more deep and insightful understanding of many different areas of life, for instance, relationships, career, health, family, friends and more.

Relationship Reading

In this reading, I will discuss not only your relationship style but your partners as well. I also compare your natal chart with your partner’s natal chart (also called synastry), which will show your strengths as a couple, the challenges, and how you relate to each other.

Natal & 12 Month Forecast

Combine a natal reading and a 12 month forecast and save. A natal chart reading can also give you clarity on what’s works well in your life and how to best capitalise on that while the forecast can prepare you for the year ahead.

12 Month Forecast

In a 12 month I use a few different timing techniques so I can give a thorough and in-depth look at the year ahead for you. We will discuss what major themes you will likely encounter.

Person Centred Reading

This is where reading is 100% personalised to what you would like from the reading. For example, you might want more insight into 2 or 3 topics and what to know some predictive information about those topics.

Deeper Insight Reading

This is where I have an in-depth look at up to 2 areas of life. This reading is great for those who just want to gain a deeper understanding about a particular area of life like your career, family or relationships.

In-Person Reiki Treatment

In-Person Reiki is a healing modality that uses universal energy. Benefits you receive from a reiki session include deep relaxation, stress reduction, emotional balance, and a general improvement in your well-being.