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Jupiter In Astrology

The Meaning Of Jupiter✨
Jupiter was known as Marduk to the Babylonians and Zues to the ancient Greeks. In ancient astrology he is known as the great benefic. Jupiter gifts children, wealth, and wisdom. Jupiter is the largest planer in the solar system and therefore associated with growth and expansion which can be both good and bad. Other significations associated with Jupiter are travel, learning, luck, philanthropy, prophecy, mentors, and teachers.
Jupiter belongs to the day sect and is generally considered more favorable to the people born during day. Jupiter has its joy in the 11th house, has a masculine nature, his qualities are hot and moist and is associated with the day Thursday.
In medical astrology some of the parts of the body Jupiter rules are the thighs, feet, liver, pancreas, and fat.
If you have a well-placed Jupiter in your natal you are known to be generous, kind, jovial and have a high dignified reputation. Children and wealth can also be easy to come by.
When Jupiter is struggling in a natal chart it can mean progress in life can be painfully slow, luck doesn’t always find you and have issues with obesity and over-indulgence/too much of a good thing.