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The Meaning Of Mercury

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In Astrology Mercury (Hermes) is known as the messenger of the Gods or the winged messenger. Mercury has an ability to go between worlds. Mercury is associated with anything that has to go from A to B like transport, mail, the spoken word to the ear, the written word to the eyes.

In ancient forms of Astrology Mercury did rule Astrology, diviners and prophets because of being known as the messenger of the Gods. Mercury grants intelligence and critical thinking. He is associated with tricksters and thieves (think of a used car salesman). Mercury likes to argue and debate. Mercury creates sculptors, philosophers, architects, magicians, tradesman and musicians. A lot of people with a Mercury ruled rising sign or Mid-heaven are a jack of all trades master of none.

Mercury is neither male nor female (Mercury likes it both ways) and its sect is determined by it position relative to the Sun in a natal chart. Mercury’s qualities like dry, cold, wet and heat also vary.

Mercury has it’s “Joy” in the first house as the first whole sign house in a natal chart is both above and below the horizon as Mercury goes between the heaven and the underworld.

If you have a strong Mercury in a natal chart your mind is sharp, clear, intelligent and has good judgment. If Mercury is struggling in a chart, you can have things like a speech or hearing impediment or you may feel you are stupid and not as smart as everyone else and be fearful of speaking up and putting your ideas out there, so it ends up being more of a confidence issue.

In Medical astrology Mercury is associated with the Nervous system, tongue, hands, fingers, respiratory system.

Some other key words for Mercury are, markets, commerce, youth, bothers, reason, communication, theft, skills, media, business.