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The Moon In Astrology

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In Astrology the Moon has many meanings ranging from the fluctuations of fortune, the physical body/health, emotions and even silver. The Moon also rules the sign of the crab (Cancer)

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and therefore gives us clues into how to live out our purpose.

To get a deep understanding of the Moon in your chart you need to look at what sign she is in, what phase she is in with relationship to the Sun (New Moon, Full Moon etc) the house she is in and the aspects being made by the Moon especially applying aspects as these will give clues to what your life is moving towards or ongoing themes and the separating aspects have more to do with what you are leaving behind.

If you were born at night, then The Moon becomes what is known as you sect light and will have more sway and influence in your chart than the Sun does unless you are a Leo Rising. She is also referred to as a celestial Goddess in ancient Greek astrology and has her “joy” in the third house.

The moon has qualities of being wet and cold and in medical astrology she is associated with the breasts, the belly, fluids, allergies and unconscious reflexes.

If the Moon is in a more challenging position in a natal chart, it can be an indication of health issues, but many other things are considered in a chart when it comes to health.

A person with a strong well aspected Moon in their natal chart are generally a person with a more balanced temperament and their emotions are not detrimental to them, all things being equal though.

Some other keywords for the Moon are, mother, home, property, intuition, nurturing, conception, queen and gathering of crowds.