You are currently viewing Weekly Horoscopes for 15/7/2024 – 21/7/2024

Weekly Horoscopes for 15/7/2024 – 21/7/2024

This week is going to be dynamic, restless and unpredictable because Mars the planet of action, aggression and separation is going to stand in the same part of the sky at 26 degrees of Taurus as Uranus a planet that is associated with freedom, rebellion and sudden events. When two planets are standing in the same part of the sky which is also called a conjunction they blend their meanings together. So, with these two coming together there is bound to be some volatile, unpredictable, out of left events coming up. You can also just feel at the least a sense of agitation, restlessness and wanting to break free of a stagnant, lifeless situation. The Moon will be in its first quarter phase this week as well adding an extra push to the Mars and Uranus conjunction.

The Sun in Cancer will form a more supportive aspect called a sextile with Uranus on the 18th which can give sudden inspiration to our goals and unexpected opportunities and freedom.

Mercury will also begin its pre retrograde shadow phase this week on the 17th at 21 degrees of Leo. Mercury will station at 4 degrees of Virgo on the 5th of August and backtrack to 21 degrees of Leo and will start moving forward again on the 29th of August. The Shadow phase of a retrograde cycle is when a planet hits the degree moving forward that it will backtrack too when it finishes its retrograde and moves forward again and it is in this period that the themes will start coming in about how the retrograde will affect us. So, around the 17th the clues will start coming towards you about how Mercury’s retrograde next month will affect you.

On the 21st Mars will enter the sign of the twins (Gemini) and will stay until the 5 September. Mars in Gemini can have you doing a lot of multi-tasking and have you busy with communications and media. Be careful of social media wars and aggressive communication.

Doing exercise to burn of the stress and nervousness that you may experience this week and keeping your schedule light will help you get through this week in a more graceful way and expect the unexpected.

Amy 😊

Check your Sun 🌞 , Moon 🌙 , or Rising ⬆️, (also known as the ascendant) sign below to see how this week will affect you.
Hint: Your rising sign will be more accurate


Aries astrology glyph

Your finances will have your attention this week. There can be some unexpected expenses or loan applications. A partner’s financial situation can suddenly affect your own personal finances too.


Taurus astrology glyph

This is a week where you can feel a deep need for freedom and strike out a do something that you never would have seen yourself doing before. Some of you can dramatically change your appearance and express greater authenticity.


Gemini astrology glyph

Stress and anxiety cam come out of nowhere this week with sleep at times hard to come by. If you can take time out for yourself and up the self-care routines, but remember these feelings will pass soon enough


Cancer astrology glyph

Friends can come into your life this week that are different from the people you normally associate with as you usual friends don’t feel like they are on the same path as you.


Leo astrology glyph

If you have been feeling stuck, stagnant or bored in your career this week can give you the opportunity to branch out and do something different when it comes to your career and what you want to achieve in the world.


Virgo astrology glyph

The Mars/Uranus conjunction will be shaking up the part of your chart that speaks to travel, education, and beliefs systems. New lines of study you have never considered can start, or you randomly take a trip away for a sense of freedom.


Libra astrology glyph

This week your focus will be on topics to do with debts, taxes and possible inheritances and some out of left field experiences with these topics. Friends you haven’t seen for a while can also start popping up.


Scorpio astrology glyph

If your single a new relationship can suddenly enter your life that feel exciting and liberating, or if you’re in a relationship some expected surprises can come your way. Perhaps also its time to start reconsidering some career goals.


Sagittarius astrology glyph

With the Mars/Uranus conjunction happening in a part of your chart that has to do with pets, work and your health. Some of you might suddenly adopt a new pet or there are some unexpected situations and work and with your health.


Capricorn astrology glyph

For some of you this week can bring in a whirl wind romance that’s hot and heavy one day then cold and unexciting the next. If you are into sports, take extra care to avoid an injury.


Aquarius astrology glyph

This week you can suddenly get the urge to renovate or change things around in the home. There can also be news that you suddenly have to move. For some of you, ex partners can start popping up but remember you broke up for a reason.


Pisces astrology glyph

For some this week can get you to start reconsidering your work situation or old issues start coming back in. There can also be some unexpected situations with your siblings, or you say something that goes down like a lead balloon.