You are currently viewing Weekly Horoscopes for 15/4/2024 – 21/4/2024

Weekly Horoscopes for 15/4/2024 – 21/4/2024

April is one of the biggest months in Astrology this year that can bring change and big life events, we have had eclipses, a Mercury retrograde and this week we will experience Jupiter making a conjunction with Uranus at 21 degrees of Taurus on the 21st. When these 2 planets have gotten together in the past, a lot of societal and technology changes have taken place, but on a more personal level this combination can give sudden expansive opportunities that can feel unsettling as well and will only be very noticeable to those that have any planets or sensitive points at 21 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. But if Jupiter is your profected lord this could be a big deal as well. Mars in Pisces will be sextile this conjunction which adds supportive, intuitive and sensitive energy to the mix.


The Sun will enter the sign of Taurus this week on the 19th as well so happy birthday to all the Taurus Suns out there! With the Sun transiting taurus we will become more focused on slowing thing down, material security and the sensual pleasures in life.

Amy 😊

Check your Sun 🌞 , Moon 🌙 , or Rising ⬆️, (also known as the ascendant) sign below to see how this week will affect you.
Hint: Your rising sign will be more accurate


Aries astrology glyph

This week your focus is going to start to go towards your financial situation. Perhaps there’s a deep need to for your own financial freedom or you finally gain some financial freedom from a windfall.


Taurus astrology glyph

If you have been feeling a little tired and off lately this week should help you feel a little more like yourself, for some of you big new life opportunities can come in that bring for freedom and opportunity.


Gemini astrology glyph

Time out for inner reflection and rest is what a lot of you will be craving this week and take note of any dreams you have as your dream life will begin to be stronger and more active.


Cancer astrology glyph

Your social life highlighted this week as the sun moves into the sector of your chart the represents groups, friends and alliances. There is a chance to meet some new friends that a very different from the people you usually socialise with.


Leo astrology glyph

New career opportunities can come to you this week that brings a sense of freedom and doing your own thing. But it can be uncomfortable for those that have been doing the same thing for a long time.


Virgo astrology glyph

Travel, philosophy, education will be big themes for you this week. There is also the opportunity to come across a mentor that can give life changing guidance and insights.


Libra astrology glyph

Financial matters will be a focus for you this week. Some can finally achieve financial freedom; others can get a windfall or inheritance that sets them up for life or relieves a big debt.


Scorpio astrology glyph

The relationships in your life will be a big focus for you this week. There is for some to meet someone new that completely changes your life in a good way or if you’re in a relationship the next big step can occur.


Sagittarius astrology glyph

Your health and wellbeing will be a focus this week, if you have been feeling the need for a radically change to your health routines then you have the green, this is also true if you have been wanting to change things around at work.


Capricorn astrology glyph

If you have been wanting to start a new hobby or create more fun in your life this week will help you achieve that. If you have kids, they could be at you wanting more independence.


Aquarius astrology glyph

Home, family and property matters will have your attention this week. Some can finally buy a home, or others can finally get a rental that they are happy with. If you have been living at home with mum and dad, you can finally move out.


Pisces astrology glyph

This week is a good week for communicating and sharing new idea, writing, and speaking. If you’re in small business, then Jupiter and Uranus’s conjunction can bring in some new opportunities.