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The Meaning Of Mars

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When you look up at the sky at night and you look for Mars you can see a bright shining red planet, the colour red is associated with fire and heat and that’s exactly what Mars means! Mars can stir you into action, be a warrior, helps you fight for the underdog, be assertive and driven to achieve your goals and take no shit! But it can also cause accidents, fights, anger, abuse, wars, cheating and bloodshed.
Mars has hot and dry qualities, and its primary motive is to cut and separate and is therefore associated with knives surgeons and surgeries.
In medical Astrology Mars represents the red blood cells, male genitals, iron, the muscular system and inflammation.
Mars is of the night sect and is generally considered to be less of a problem in people born at night after sunset than those born during the day. This is because it’s considered that the night cools Mars down.
If Mars is positioned well in natal chart, you will have good energy levels, have a healthy sense of drive and stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves. If Mars is in a more challenging position in your natal chart, then you can experience or be the perpetrator or anger, fights, and abuse. You may also experience being tired and lack assertion and drive.