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May Astrology

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The month of May will feel a lot less hectic and dramatic compared to the shit show April though our way. The inner planets Mercury and Venus will both be transiting Taurus along with the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter who will on the 26th will leave Taurus and enter Gemini for the next 12 months. There will also be a brilliant new moon on the 8th in Taurus as well as a powerful and expansive Full Moon in Sagittarius on the23rd.

With a lot of activity in Taurus especially earlier in the month we are going to feel that life is a bit more stable and calmer but there will be the potential for some pleasant surprises that come out of nowhere due to the fact the Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all stand in the same part of the sky as revolutionary, unpredictable Uranus. Towards the end of the month with all the planets heading into Gemini life will feel busier as you are out socialising, networking and generally interacting with others more.

Read below for a breakdown of this month’s Astrology:)

1st. Venus in Taurus will square Pluto in Aquarius at 2 degrees.

This combination can bring to the surface secrets in relationships, power struggles and a yearning for more depth and meaning in relationships. We can also find ourselves questioning or worthiness and ability to love.

1st. Mars enters Aries and will stay until the 9th of June.

Mars transiting Aries will really help us get shit done! Especially to do with the topics of the Aries house in your chart. We can feel more energized to get up and get things moving but you would be better off putting this energy into tasks that don’t have a long-term plan. This transit is great for our competitive spirit but be careful you don’t cause friction and over do the need to win at all costs.

3rd. Pluto stations retrograde at 2 degrees of Aries.

When the outer planet (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) pause in the sky and then change directions you can get an intensification of the planets topics occurring around us. Pluto represent power, profound change, transformation, and obsessive desire so these topics will be more in our faces around this time.

3rd. Mars in Aries will sextile Pluto in Aquarius.

We will be given the opportunity to have an abundance of energy and determination to go after what we want or get done what we need to get done.

7th. The Sun in Taurus will sextile Saturn in Pisces at 17 degrees.

We can be given the opportunity to create some structure to our inspired ideas. It will also be easier to get a long with authority figures and materialise our goals.

 8th. New Moon in Taurus at 18 degrees

A New Moon is the start of a new cycle that involves the Sun and the Moon so when we have a New Moon, it gives us the opportunity for new beginnings and to start things. This New Moon has such positive sweet energy and what is started around this time can offer peace, growth, and stability as the 2 benefic planets Jupiter and Venus are heavily involved in this New Moon.

13th. The Sun in Taurus will conjunct Uranus in Taurus at 23 degrees.

This is a great combination for coming up with original and genius new ideas and goals. You can also suddenly find yourself thrown into leadership position or visibility that you didn’t see coming. Also good for self-expression and activities that involve the media or internet. Can come with a restless and agitated feeling.

14th. Venus in Taurus will sextile Saturn in Pisces at 17 degrees.

You can expect some practical and pragmatic advice or support when it comes to relationships or even some useful tips about your beauty routine.

16th. Mercury enters Taurus and will stay until 3rd June.

When Mercury is transiting Taurus its useful for grounded, practical thinking, calming and slowly down the mind and creative ideas that are useful out in the world. Your thoughts can go towards organising your financial situation or even gardening and farming.

17th. Mercury in Taurus will square Pluto in Aquarius at 2 degrees.

Expect to be trying to get to the bottom of an issues or even some obsessive thinking and thoughts. You can be called upon to stand up and speak in front of people but have a sense of dread and fear about it. You can find yourself looking deeply into occult or hidden knowledge.

18th. Venus in Taurus will conjunct Uranus in Taurus at 23 degrees.

This combination can create some good unexpected and surprises situation in relationships. New beneficial social contacts to do with women can appear in your life that aren’t normally people you would socialise with. Also good for new creative ideas to do with the music, art and food.

19th. The Sun in Taurus will conjunct Jupiter at 28 degrees Taurus.

When these two come together it can bring a renewed sense of hope, optimism, luck, and faith. It can bring blessings, good fortune and progress. You will feel increased vitality and it’s a great time to start something new you want to see expansion and good fortune with.

29th. Mars conjunct Neptune at 28 degrees of Pisces.

When these two get together it usually a time where your energy levels wander off and you just want to sleep all day. But it is good for a spiritual practice that requires action like yoga or even putting effort into creating a spiritual practice.

20th. The Sun in Gemini will sextile Neptune Pisces at 29 degrees

This combination is great for spending time with creative and spiritual activities. You imagination will be strong and can also feel more inspired.

20th. The Sun will enter Gemini and will stay until 21st June.

Happy Birthday to all Gemini’s! With the Sun entering Gemini it will come with more curiosity, movement, learning and change. We can feel that we are pulled in many directions and feel very busy.

23rd. The Sun in Gemini will trine Pluto in Aquarius at 2 degrees.

With these linking in a supportive aspect expect to be gifted with extra confidence power and influence. If you need to speak in front of people to get your message across and influence, then today should help you do just that.

23rd. Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and sextile Neptune in Pisces at 29 degrees.

When these planets connect in the sky in taurus you can expect a day of peace, happiness, generosity and love. If you have been having difficulty getting along with someone and want to extend an olive branch, then this is a day when the olive branch is well received. You can also expect to give and receive a generous gift.

23rd. Sagittarius Full Moon at 2 degrees

Whatever is culminating and getting to shown to you now will have you feeling empowered, optimistic and hopeful. Since the Full Moon is connecting supportively with Pluto there can be deep revelations that come to the surface that change your belief systems and world view dramatically for the better.

24th. Venus enters Gemini and will stay until the 17th June.

Venus’s transiting Gemini can Definity create a busy social life. Its also good for networking and making new supportive contacts. If you’re dating you can find you have a number of options going at one time.

  1. Venus in Gemini will trine Pluto in Aquarius at 2 degrees

If you have felt disempowered in a relationship this transit can help you stick up for yourself and say what you need to say. You can also deepen the connection in a existing relationship or meet someone new where there is a strong magnetic attraction.

26th. Jupiter will enter Gemini and will stay until 10th June 2025

Jupiter usually takes about 12 months to transit a sign. For about the next 12 months with Jupiter transiting Gemini you can expect to have a lot of things on the going on especially the Gemini house in your natal chart’s topics. On a collective level this transit can bring moral and ethical issues with media and information to the forefront.

28th. Mercury in Taurus will sextile Saturn in Pisces at 18 degrees.

This transit is good for practical thinking and problem solving. With a bit of effort your speech and writing can constructive and to the point.

31st. Mercury will conjunct Uranus at 24 degrees of Taurus.

This combination can grant sudden new revolutionary ideas and is great for coming up with brilliant new solutions to problems. It can feel like your nervous system is on fire and your mind is overactive and scattered at the same time.